So, Are dash cams legal in Missouri?

Dash cams are not legal in all states. Only some states allow the use of dash cams. In all other states, they are illegal to use.

Dash cams can be used by both law enforcement as well as private citizens. Dash cams are an invaluable tool for law enforcement to use. Citizens use them for protection of their property usually.

Dash cams have become big for law enforcement to use on a regular basis. More and more police departments have implemented them for their officers to use on every call they go on. This records everything that the officer does and protects the department from any issues of wrongdoing from the officer in their department.

Dash cams are great as they record everything. This can help the officer our immensely. More often than not the trial for a particular case is months from the time of the incident. Since an officer handles multiple calls at one time, it is impossible for him to remember all the details of that particular incident. Since the investigation that the officer did is recorded, it makes it easier for the officer to recall what happened on that incident scene.

A dash cam can also protect an officer from any accusations of wrongdoing. If a citizen said that the officer assaulted them in any way, or was rude to them, a quick look at the dash cam footage can prove that the officer was innocent or guilty of the accusations that they are accused of as it shows exactly what happened.

Any dash cam footage can also help a jury understand what happened if the incident is a criminal case and goes to court. The jury is able to visualize the interrogation, or interview of the subject accused of the crime. They are also able to see the interview of the witnesses at the scene.

The scene is also able to be shown to the jury so that they can start to piece together what happened there. This is of great value because witnesses do forget details of what they saw. When the officer can capture the witness statements right after it happened, they tend to be more reliable.

Dash cams can also be used by private citizens to protect their personal property. The dash cam can record any persons around their car, or even a person stealing their car. This footage will help law enforcement identify and be able to capture the perpetrator.

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