Let’s see if dash cams are legal in Indiana

In world of possible crime, one can be tempted to use dash cameras in their cars. The question is, are dash cams legal in Indiana or illegal?

Fortunately for Hoosiers, dash cameras are perfectly legal, though there are limitations put in place to regulate this matter.
First, dash cameras cannot be constructing the view of the driver. They can be mounted to the dashboard but are not allowed to be in the path of mainly the driver.

This could cause the dash camera to be illegal. Dash cameras can also not be mounted to the windshield as that actually obstructs a part of the driver’s view.

Secondly, there are laws regulating recording audio in the United States. The dash camera’s audio may not be allowed in court if all of the participants did not knows about it. The video surveillance, however, can be used, because there are different laws surrounding that topic.

Dash cameras can be useful both to the driver/passengers and anyone who comes in contact with the car. One benefit is protection. If someone gets pulled over by a police offer, they have a camera that can show their viewpoint in case something happens outside the viewpoint of the officers camera.

This protects the officer and the passengers, because with two forms of video evidence it is difficult to have multiple different stories. Although the dash camera may show something someone does not like, video evidence is hard to misconstrue. These dash cameras have proven useful in many different cases across the United States, protecting officers and normal citizens.

Another benefit of a dash camera is if you are in a car crash or something happens to your car and there are two different stories revolving around whose fault the accident is. If it is a hit and run, the camera hopefully recorded the license plate. With these two examples, the dash camera is helping to show what actually happened during the accident. Whether it is against yourself or not, the real story will be found. It can help when two people are saying two different stories. Instead of trying to find the real culprit through possibly unreliable witnesses, a dash camera could be used in the court to prove someone’s innocent and save them a lot in insurance money.

Overall, the dash camera is legal in Indiana. It has two main benefits mentioned, but many others.

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