Driving The Point Home About The Benefits Of Dash Cams

With dash cams legal in Arizona, motorists are in the driver’s seat when it comes to safety and security while on the road. There are no federal laws prohibiting the use of dash cams within the U.S., but many states have their own laws prohibiting or restricting the use of such devices due to concerns over obstruction of view through a driver’s windshield or the unlawful recording of audio from within the vehicle.

The use of dash cams is in fact legal within the state of Arizona, but drivers should take note that the law states that placement of interactive and monitoring devices is restricted to the space just above, below or in place of the rearview mirror if mounted directly to the windshield.

However, there are products available for purchase that would enable a motorist to mount their camera to the dashboard itself, bypassing any concerns over obstruction of view through the windshield.

Dash cams help drivers navigate some of the more practical perils of the road by restoring accountability and putting the brakes on certain malicious activity. Some examples may include:

Evidence for determining fault in a car accident
Proof of insurance fraud
Captures valuable information when reporting motorists who may be intoxicated, impaired or otherwise driving in an unsafe manner
Monitoring student drivers
Accountability for company drivers, mechanics and borrowers of your vehicle

Some dash cams offer additional features such as:

GPS and route logging capabilities
Mobile wifi for instant review of recordings without removal of the memory card
Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), alerts drivers of lane departures, red light detection cameras, speed traps and other warnings

Everywhere you turn, there is likely a camera looking back at you. Electronic eyes and ears are a simple fact of the 21st century and dash cams are no exception.

Their usefulness transcends just about every societal boundary, occupation and geographic location. The police officer working their beat, a bus driver shuttling children to school, a taxi carrying passengers throughout downtown, a big rig hauling their load cross-country and families in mini-vans are all making use of dash cams for the same reasons.

Recorded footage of car accidents and other incidents can also be admitted as evidence in a court of law, making drivers much less vulnerable to insurance fraud and other false claims. Additionally, the mere presence of a camera often encourages safe driving habits.

Now you know what the dashboard camera legalities are in Arizona, check out our other dash cam laws by state.