Michigan is one of the states that dash cams are legal in. The main reason that they are not legal in every state is because there is controversy about whether or not they make it difficult to see out of the front windshield while driving.

Dash cams are useful because they make it easier for lawyers to determine who is at fault for insurance cases, and to help those who have been injured in vehicle accidents. They are also useful for insurance purposes when the person who is filing the claim needs proof. These are some of the things that make dash cams legal in Michigan.

Law enforcement officers have been using dash cams for years to prove their innocence in false allegations and claims of racial indecencies and illegal actions.

Dash cams are irrefutable eye witnesses that can be used in a court of law. This creates simpler and shorter court cases for both lawyers and citizens. Some drivers have even attempted to claim accidents that have not happened and were disproved by dash cams.

There are also some unexpected ways that dash cams are helpful. The most notable being that buses and other public transportation vehicles are using dash cams and capturing major vehicle accidents as well as sidewalk accidents. This makes it easier for those filing an injury claim to prove that the incident occurred and how hurt they were after it happened.

Another unexpected way that they are useful is for police officers that pull people over. There is no law that states they may not search the dash cam of the person, however there are laws rapidly evolving that may eventually include dash cams as something that can be searched.

This is because of the law that allows cell phones to be searched under the clause that they are personal devices, this may eventually cause dash cams to fall under this clause as well.

Dash cams are legal in a vast majority of states, one of which being Michigan. They are useful and helpful to law enforcement officers, citizens that are injured or involved in traffic accidents, and lawyers. Dash cams are evolving to capture more and more as are the laws that concern them.

They are also continuing to prove useful in unexpected but helpful ways. The only people that dash cams are not useful for are the guilty people that they capture.

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