Are Dash Cams Legal In Washington? Find Out Below

According to state law, there is no reason as to why a driver cannot install a dash cam in his or her car. The only thing is you have to do so within the statutes of the law.

The driver has to position the dash cam in a way that it does not obstruct the view. In other words, the driver still has to see where he or she is going when driving the car. That can be the challenging part due to the suction.

The dash cam itself does not attach to the windshield. There is a suction used for placement. Now a driver can mount the dash cams and GPS systems onto their windshields, but the view cannot be obstructed for more than five inches on the driver’s side and seven inches on the passenger side, which is according to the Washington State Legislature Section 46.37.410. There can be nothing non-transparent.

Furthermore, you cannot hang pictures or posters in your vehicle in the same way. You can get into a lot of trouble with the Washington state law if you do not abide by this.

Moreover, there are restrictions on what you can and cannot record using the dash cam. Say, for example, that you want to record everything that happens while you drive. You might need to prove something in court. That is allowed, but only up to a point.

The one thing you can not do is record conversations you have with others in the car, along with your dash cam footage. You have to notify the people you communicate with that you are doing it.

Say, for example, that you need evidence for a court case. You can use the dash cam footage as long as the footage stays within the confines of the law. You cannot, however, use recorded conversations to make your case.

The only way you can use the recorded conversations along with the dash cam footage is if you get permission from your lawyer and the judge before the case begins.

The Court Case Benefit

Using dashcam footage in court is probably one of the biggest benefits, outside of keeping an eye on everything that happens in traffic. The footage can provide strong evidence that can be used in your favor.

Once more, you will need to talk to your lawyer before using the dash cam footage in court. Some of the footage could be inadmissible.

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