Are dash cams legal in Tennessee?  Is the question a lot of private citizens would like to know the answer to.

The answer is yes they are legal in Tennessee.

Now there are quite a few benefits to having a dashboard camera both as a police officer as well as a private citizen. A lot of people use dash cams in their cars, not only police officers.

For a police officer, it is invaluable because it records the interaction between the police officer and the citizen. If there are any questions regarding the officer’s conduct one can look at the dash cam footage and see exactly what happened.

This protects the officer from any false accusations. The use of a dash cam also protects the police department from any accusations of an officer’s wrongdoing. If a case should ever go to court on a civil liabilities violation the dash cam is a great tool for proving an officer’s innocence, or guilt.

A police officer takes many calls in one night. More often than not the case does not go to court until months later, or even years later. Having a dash cam capture what happened in a specific case helps the officer recall what the case was about and what happened.

Nobody can recall minute details in something that happened months ago. The dash cam footage can definitely help an officer recall what happened in a specific case.

The dash cam is also very helpful in a criminal trial. Most of the time in a criminal trial the prosecution relies on witnesses to prove its case. Usually, it is just a victim’s word against the accused.

With the use of dash cams, one can easily see exactly what happened. Showing a jury the dash cam footage can help them understand what happened and when instead of relying on verbal testimony to prove a point.

A lot of private citizens also use dash cams. Since they are legal in Tennessee they are free to do so. They may use it for protection from law enforcement if they have had a bad experience with them before. That way every interaction with law enforcement is recorded.

Some use a dash cam for the protection of personal property. If they have to park in a public parking lot. A lot of times they will set a dash cam up to see who is coming around their car. This can even record theft of a car, and help law enforcement catch the perpetrators.

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