A dash cam, also known as a dashboard camera is a camera that is mounted to the windshield of your vehicle.

These cameras continuously record what is going on in front of the vehicle that you are driving. You can also mount cameras on other windows and get dash cams that take video at 360 degrees.

Dash cams capture sound and picture and can help you out during many different situations like car accidents or traffic stops.

Are Dash Cams Legal In North Carolina?

You have to be careful which states you are using dash cams within because they are not legal in every state. Dash cams are very much legal in North Carolina though and a lot of people use them in this state.

Why Use A Dash Cam?

Dash cams are great for so many reasons. You can use them as proof of what happened during an automobile accident. You can use them to help you during traffic stops if something goes wrong.

It would be nice of you to tell the officer that stopped you that you do have a camera in the car and that they are being recorded, but there are no restrictions on dash cams in the North Carolina area so you do not have to tell them anything.

Should You Get A Dash Cam?

It is totally up to each individual driver if they get a dash cam, but they can help you out of a lot of trouble. Dash cams are great pieces of evidence that can stand out if you ever have to go to court for something.

With the way that the world is going dash cams are something that are growing in popularity. People feel that they need something like this to help protect them just in case something were to happen. We are living in a terrible world where everyone is against each other and it is sad that people feel the need to have to go to these types of lengths to protect themselves, but it really is a must.

Dash cams are going to continue to become very popular as time goes on. More and more people are going to start to use them. As long as you are going about things in the right way and you are making sure that you are using them in a totally legal way then everything will be just fine.

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