Why You Need a Dash Cam For Your Vehicle

Have you ever been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, or been treated questionably by a police officer and wished you had some way of defending your truth?

If that’s the case then you need to equip your vehicle with a dash cam today.

Despite what you may have heard, in the state of Maryland dash cams are no longer illegal to use. A dash cam is completely safe and legal to use and will help you to defend yourself in the event of unfortunate circumstances.

Equipping yourself with a dash cam will help protect you against an at-fault car accident, theft and damage to your parked vehicle, and law enforcement.

Car Accident Protection

One of the most common uses of a dash cam in your car would be if you were to get into a car accident that was not your fault. In many cases, insurance will cover both parties involved in an accident, but you still will see a dramatic increase in your insurance rate if you are the one at fault.

When you are not the one who caused the accident it is crucial that you protect your innocence and can prove that it was not your fault so your insurance will not increase and the opposing party that was involved cannot try and point blame on you.

The dash cam can also protect you if God forbid anything very serious were to happen during an accident and vehicular homicide charges are at stake, in that case, it really could save your life.

Theft and Damage While Parked

Another reason you should get a dash cam to protect yourself and your car is to shield you from becoming a victim of car damage and theft.

For one it may actually deter the assailant from even attacking your vehicle since they will see the dash cam and know they will be recorded. On the second hand if they do still try to vandalize or steal your vehicle the dash cam will catch it all on tape and give you evidence to present your case to a law enforcement officer.

Law Enforcement Protection

Although 9 times out of 10 a law enforcement officer is only there to help you, there are circumstances where law enforcement has been known to abuse their power and inflict injustice on another person.

With a dash cam, you are able to protect yourself from unlawful actions or accusations by the police and ensure your right and freedom to record conversations.

So now that you know that dash cams legal in Maryland you can go ahead and protect yourself and your vehicle by getting one installed today!

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