So, are dash cams legal in Louisiana?

The dash cam is the newest gadget in the law enforcement world. These cameras have become a common sight in most motels during police raids, and many times, it has become necessary to have one.

However, for various reasons dash cams are illegal in some states like Louisiana. Dash cams can get in the way when driving if there is not enough room for the dash camera.

They may end up blocking the driver’s view of the roadway or the front windows of the vehicle.

Another reason why dash cams are illegal in Louisiana is the fact that it is hard to sell insurance on your car without using one of these cameras.

You can get information from this type of camera through software that is found on it. If a car was to be stolen, you will need to get the insurance company involved to have them utilize your dash cam to get a complete report on how the car was taken.

The one reason that I wish to address here is that if you put a camera on the dashboard of your car, there will be a lot of people that will wonder why you are putting the device on your dashboard. The general rule of thumb is that in Louisiana, you can put the device on your dash to record in a public place.

The way that this works is that if you are in a school, a place of worship, a hospital, or any other place where there are normally lots of traffic that you are in, then you will probably be able to get away with putting a dash cam on your dashboard. Once again, if you are in a restaurant, it is more difficult because you are likely to want to record anything that is going on around you. In this situation, you will probably have to consider using the dash cam for its intended purpose of recording events that are happening in public.

The last reason why dash cams are illegal in Louisiana is that there are laws that allow video recording devices on private property that are connected to private businesses. These laws are in place to keep property owners from having their private property invaded and recorded by someone who does not own the property.

As you can see, there are several reasons why dash cams are illegal in Louisiana. To use the camera for its intended purpose of recording events, you will have to get the approval of the property owner. Most laws allow you to put a camera on your dash that you want to record events in a public place.

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