Across the US, an increasing amount of motorists are purchasing dams cams and having them mounted in their vehicles. However, not all vehicle owners are aware that in most states dashboard cameras are illegal.

Are Dash Cams Legal in Georgia?

Although there are reasons why consumers might be pushing to make dashboard cameras legal in Georgia, they currently are not legal in the state. Peach State laws prohibit them from being used in non-emergency vehicles.

Even though state laws do not allow them to be used by motorists, consumers are still buying and installing them. Why is this the case? Drivers are wanting to be able to document what happens outside of their car and inside of their car. Motorists believe that they are safer.

Let’s look at some of six reasons why consumers are wanting to have more access to dashboard cameras.

1. Evidence for Car Accident

For parties that are in auto-related accidents, dash cam users have evidence that can defend them if wrongly accused. Insurance companies are becoming bigger fans of them, too.

2. Alerting Law Enforcement of Bad Drivers

If drivers notice an intoxicated driver they can alert law enforcement officials. The same can be said for reporting reckless and aggressive drivers.

3. Keeping an Eye on Minor Motorists

Parents and guardians can monitor the actions of minors. Minors will not be as likely to text or engage in other distractive driving behaviors.

4. Driving Instruction

Driving instructors can use the footage to teach drivers. It provides a visual reference on top of verbal feedback and direction provided by the teacher.

5. Documenting Travels

Road trips and other travels can be captured better. Families and friends can create and record their travels like never before.

6. Emerging Technologies

Technologies being introduced at rapid rates are making dash cams more popular. These cameras are able to work with GPS systems, and they have modernized audio notifications alerting drivers of dangers.

Moving Forward

And while they currently aren’t legal, growing popularity and policy shifts might find us asking again next year, “Are dash cams legal in Georgia?” For now, they are not, but that could change through legislative actions. The federal government, state governments, law enforcement agencies and drivers across the country, and in Georgia, are wanting to have access to them

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