Are Dash Cams Legal In Colorado? Let’s Find Out

Let’s explore the legal implications of using one in Colorado. They are becoming more popular all over the country, but how does Colorado state law view the dash cam idea?

The first thing you need to know is Colorado does not have any laws that regulate windshield mounts. However, according to a lot of experts, a dash cam could and will obstruct the driver’s view.

According to state law, the visual recording is allowed, but wiretapping is not. I only say that because a lot of dash cams come with wiretapping capabilities. You will have to get consent from at least one person involved if you do intend to record a conversation.

According to state law, the only reason you would need to do that is if you are trying to prove something in court. In other words, you cannot go around taping the conversations you have with people under your dash cam.

Many experts argue that it is an invasion of privacy unless you have permission and you need to do it. State laws require that you disable the wiretapping portion of the dash cam before you enter the state. They also recommend that Colorado residents should only have it turned on in an emergency.

You would have to speak to a lawyer to find out what they see as an emergency.

The Benefits For Colorado Residents To Use A Dash Cam

Similarly to Washington, the main benefits are keeping an eye on traffic when driving, being aware of your surroundings, and court case issues.

Say, for example, you are in court trying to prove that you got a traffic ticket without proof of guilt.

Dash cam footage is great for trying to prove your case. You do need to speak to your lawyer before you present the evidence. Your lawyer can tell you if the footage can be sued or not.

There are high-def cams available. High-def cams are great at enhancing the evidence. A high-def cam is great for making the scene appear larger. That way both sides can see who was at fault.

Dash cam footage can also help a liability case in court. Sometimes the other party tries to skirt responsibility. Dash cam footage can show how the other party is guilty and why. Once more, dash cam footage is only to be used if you have no other sourced material to prove your case.

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