So, are dashboard cameras legal in Germany? Yes, they are however their use comes with restrictions.

Germany has strict privacy laws that require the user to haze out faces, licenses plates, and any other identifying information if the footage is posted publicly.


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Germany dash cam laws are set in place largely by The German Federal Data Protection Act and may come with fines or imprisonment. In addition to the laws on privacy, Germany requires that the dash cam not obstruct the driver’s vision in any way.

Germany may be known for its highways with fast speeds, but recording on the road with a dashboard camera may require legal caution.

A dashboard camera is a video camera typically placed on the dashboard of a motor vehicle. The device colloquially referred to as a dash cam is meant to record both video and audio on the road. One may use this recording for personal use but the device is most often used as evidence in the case of legal trouble.

Dash cams being legal in Germany comes with pros and cons. A dashboard camera is incredibly useful in the case of an accident.

It is a simple way to prove that a driver may not be at fault. If one gets into unjustifiable legal trouble with another citizen or a police officer, the dash cam can easily prove one’s innocence in court. This proof comes with great benefits not only with legal trouble but in wrongful increases to an insurance premium.

Driving on the road may cause serious legal or financial consequences, but owning a dash cam can provide a peace of mind that these consequences can be disproved with verifiable evidence.

Although a dashboard camera may be useful many require upkeep and an initial amount of investment. A dashboard camera may also invite theft. The device is often noticeable and placed where a potential thief could easily spot it. If a car has other valuables, a dash cam may cause a thief to steal both the camera and other possessions.

If one is concerned about protecting themself on the road, a dashboard camera is a great option to keep oneself safe from legal trouble and increases in insurance premiums. However, for some vehicle owners owning a dash cam may simply not be worth the trouble. There is a strong possibility that the dash cam may never be used in spite of its cost. The greatest benefit may simply be the peace of mind, and if one follows legal precautions, a dash cam is a great choice for any vehicle.