Are Dashboard Cameras Legal in Virginia?

Virginia motorists are allowed to mount dashboard cameras in their cars. But there are dash cam laws Virginia motorists must observe. For instance, the camera shouldn’t block the driver’s view.

If the driver can’t see out of the windshield, rear window, or side windows then the camera must be removed. Virginia also allows motorists to record in public spaces. ‘

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Dashboard Camera Uses

Some motorists in VA use these cameras because of safety concerns. The camera records events from the driver’s point of view. This is useful in the case of traffic stops and accident disputes. An insurance company or attorney can gain valuable information from viewing camera footage. Footage can prove who is at fault or who is telling the truth in incidents that happen on the road.

Some motorists use the cameras for fun. They might want to document a road trip, special occasion, or something unexpected. It’s also becoming more common for police cars to have dashboard cameras. The cameras have provided valuable information that’s helped solve cases involving violence against police officers.

In addition to video, the cameras also capture audio. So if the camera lens is unable to record the scene, an audio record of the event will exist. Some models also have GPS. This feature makes it possible to determine how fast a vehicle was going at a certain time. And if there is an LCD screen, it’s possible to view the footage without removing the memory card or unplugging the camera.

Some cameras have built-in flash storage, and will automatically erase footage once the memory is full. If anything needs saving, then it should be stored elsewhere to avoid losing the footage.

Dashboard Camera Operation

Dashboard cameras are available in various sizes. But most are small enough to mount on a dashboard, windshield, rear view mirror, or other location in the vehicle. Some of these cameras will only record in one direction. Where ever the motorist points the lens, then that’s the direction in which the camera records. Other models can record the front and the rear view. And a multi-channel model can simultaneously record from several perspectives.

Virginia Residents and Dashboard Cameras 
Are you a Virginia motorist concerned about road safety? Weigh the pros and cons of having a camera in your vehicle. Perhaps you’ll discover that a dashboard camera will put you more at ease.