Are Dash Cams Legal In India

A dashboard is a very handy piece of equipment for recording accidents or incidents with legal ramifications. These gadgets are commonly placed at the windshield or somewhere at the front of the vehicle.

In India, there are many cases where drivers have used dashboard cameras to challenge traffic violation charges or for security purposes. This begs the question are dash cams legal in India?

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The answer to this question is yes and no. Let us review some of the reasons why dashboard cameras may be illegal and some of the benefits of using them.


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Legality of Dashboard Cameras


When you consider the legality of a dashboard camera in India, there are two questions that arise. The first question is whether the camera is obstructing a driver’s view.

While having a dashboard camera in India is permitted, the legality may be questioned where the camera obscures the driver’s view. Currently, there are no specific laws in India touching on dash cameras and the obstruction of the driver.

However, in many jurisdictions, there are restrictions on how much the windshield should be obscured by dash cameras. If the camera obscures more than 5 inches on the driver’s side or 7 inches on the passenger’s side, that may cause legal problems.




Another question that arises when the legality of dash cameras pops up is what the instrument is used for. While it may be permitted to use the camera to monitor your car and any road incidences, problems arise when you use the instrument for stalking or spying on another person. Generally, dash cameras should not be used to infringe on other people’s privacy.


Benefits of Using Dash Cameras


Power consumption: The dash camera starts recording immediately when power is on. The camera derives its power from the car’s battery; therefore, you do not need to worry about buying batteries.


Memory: One good thing about dash cameras is that their memory capacity is high. These cameras rely on an SD card to store recordings. With a large memory capacity, it may take a while before the memory is full. In any case, many dash cameras are capable of getting rid of old footage and replacing it with new footage when the memory is full.


Evidence Footage: Dash cameras are instrumental for determining fault during a car accident. People always place blame where it should not be and with a dash camera to back your story, you have nothing to worry about in a crash in which you are an innocent party. This evidence can be used to claim damages from the at-fault driver’s insurance company or even in court as proof, in case the insurance company refuses to settle.


Unscrupulous Traffic Police: It is the norm of law enforcement agencies to extort drivers. In some cases, traffic police also issue drivers tickets for all the wrong reasons. The best way to catch such incidences is through the use of a dash camera.


Monitoring Your Car While It is in Parking: Some dash cameras can be set to parking mode. While your camera is set this way, you can monitor what goes on in the parking lot and can also report attempted carjackings.


Auto-repairs: You often take your car for servicing and repairs at your local auto-repair shop. With a dash camera, you can keep track of all the repairs that the mechanic has conducted. Furthermore, you will be able to tell whether the mechanic performed the services they were supposed to.


Keeping An Eye on Your Loved One: Teenagers, in most cases, are up to no good. When you lend your teenage child your car, the dash board camera gives you a chance to catch up with their notorious practices or to track where they hang out.

On the question are dash cams legal in India, the answer is yes they are. However, there is a point where they may be deemed to be illegal. The many benefits that dash cameras offer you all related to surveillance rendering them a must have gadget for drivers.