Are Dashboard Cameras Legal In Ohio?

Laws are meant to be kept for peace to reign. However, when there is a bit of confusion regarding a law, then you are at risk of breaking that law.

Ohio is one of USA states where there is controversy about the use dashboard cameras. The question – “are dashboard cameras legal in Ohio”, will be answered justifiably in this article.

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So, are they legal in Ohio

Dashboard cameras are on-board vehicle cameras that record images and sounds from your vehicle’s windscreen while driving and in some cases, even when your vehicle’s engine is off.

Dash cams record video footages to a storage device, which you can have access to when you want. Commercial drivers, Regular drivers and police officers use this device to achieve different purposes as regards their preferences.

How Are Dash Cams Legal In Ohio?

Despite the many benefits of using dashboard cameras, there seems to be confusion about its legal status.

There are no laws prohibiting the usage of this device in anywhere around the state of Ohio or USA in general.

However, the usage of this device comes with a constraint.

If your vehicle’s dash cam interferes with your concentration or ability to drive your vehicle safely, then it is illegal for you to use it.

A scenario in which using this device can be termed illegal is if it goes against the “Federal Wiretapping Act”. Under this Act, it is illegal for a person to record or intercept a conversation in which he or she is not a party.

Therefore, if you are not a party to a conversation between two people and your dash cam records this conversation, this may break the Act.

Although, if your dashboard camera is close enough record the conversation, then it is most likely that you are close enough too and this makes you a party to the conversation (get what I am saying?) and in a way breaches their privacy privileges.

As regards taking pictures or recording videos in public, the following are the rights of every Ohio or American citizen.

[box type=”info”] There is no prohibition of taking photographs or video in public places like the roads in Ohio. No one can prevent you from this because it will be an infringement of your rights under the law.[/box]

You can even take video recordings or pictures of police officers on duties without obstructing their activities, as long as you are in a public environment.

[box type=”info”] No Police officer can forcefully seize your dash cam or any other recording device from you because it was recording him or her. As long as you do not impede him in discharging his duties, he or she has no right to take your dashboard camera neither does he have the right to make you show him or her the contents nor make you delete them.[/box]

If your dashboard camera records a crime, you have the liberty to submit the video footage of the crime to the police or not to submit.

If you submit it, the police can use it as an evidence of the crime and in an event the crime’s case goes to trial, the Lawyers in charge of the trial or the crime investigators might ask you to attend the trial to authenticate the video evidence.



With the above explanation of the individual rights regarding taking pictures or recording videos in public, we can discern that the usage of dash cams is legal.

Therefore questions of “are dash cams legal in Ohio” should be put to bed forever until there are amendments in the laws allowing them.

If you adhere to the laws in accordance to the usage of this device i.e. not fiddling with it while driving, then there is nothing stopping you from using it in Ohio or its borders and localities.

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