Are Dashboard Cameras Legal In Alaska



Dashboard cameras aka dash cams are mounted on your windshield or on the dashboard of your car for audio and video recording while you drive.

Dash cams have recently become the rave of the town and almost everybody owns a dashboard camera in the United States.

However, before purchasing your own, you need to be sure about its legality in your state so that you don’t get arrested on the account of your ignorance.

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Dashboard cameras have been vastly adopted by car owners for the fun of recording funny road incidents as well as for the provision of certain lifesaving benefits in the case of accidents or other mishaps.

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Are dash cams legal in alaska

Benefits Of Dashboard Cameras

Mostly, accidents become major arguments about who is at fault and insurance companies find it hard to determine who should be indemnified.

With dashboard cameras, it’s easier to get yourself out of this bind as you simply need to present the evidence to them to make your case.

Some insurance companies also reduce your insurance premium if you mount a dash cam.

[box type=”info”] With the case of the St. Louis shooting in 2011, Police Officer Jason Stockley, was charged with first degree murder because of what happens on a video which was captured by the dash cam mounted in the vehicle.[/box]

Road trips are always fun and relaxing, you get to see beautiful sceneries as you drive by wonderful places but most times stopping over for a quick photo is not always an option.

Your dash cam comes in handy and serves as not only your witness but also as a means for storing recordings places that you can’t just revisit anytime.

If you are personally working on improving your driving skills or someone else is making use of your vehicle, a dash cam does the job of recording your mistakes.

You can improve on your skills or help correct another person’s mistake by knowing what went wrong in the first place.

Not all accidents occur while you are driving where you have a chance to defend yourself most times you come back to pick your car where you left it safely parked to meet it bruised or seriously damaged with nobody around to give an account of what went wrong.

Your dash cam records all these events and tells you who the culprit is.

So, Are They Legal?

With the above listed benefits, mounting a dash cam can be the best decision you ever made for the safety of your car and your peace of mind. So here we will explain if dash cams are legal in Alaska or not.

Dashboard cameras are legal here, which means you can go for the perfect gadget for you and your car. The two important things to consider before mounting a dash cam in Alaska are;

The size of your dashboard camera – according to Alaska Stat. Ann. 28.35.161 it is illegal to mount anything to obstruct your view as this may result in fatal accidents thereby endangering your life and the life of other citizens.

Your dash cam must not take over a 5” square if mounted on the driver side or a 7” square if mounted on the passenger side.


Audio recordingAlaska’s eavesdropping laws prohibits devices to hear or record without the consent of least one party to the conversation, Alaska Stat. Ann. 42.20.310(b). Being the owner of the car, you therefore have a right to use an audio recorder.

If you have any questions about any other dash cams or laws then simply e-mail us and we will get back to you.

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