Are Dashboard Cameras Legal In Pennsylvania?

Are they legal in Pennsylvania? – YES 

Dash cams have become extremely popular over the last several years. From catching crazy stunts, to capturing crimes in progress, these cameras definitely have a place in public safety and entertainment.

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However, what most people do not think about is their legality. Why wait to be pulled over just to find out that you have an illegal device in your car?

The good news is that dash cams are legal in Pennsylvania. However, before you rush out and celebrate by getting a system that would make most movie producers jealous, you should know some things.

While the cameras themselves are legal, Pennsylvania also restricts any “television-type receiving equipment” from being in the front seat or visible to the driver. So be sure you carefully consider you carefully consider your mounting options to be compliant with these restrictions.

Just Because It’s Legal Doesn’t Mean You’re Covered

While having a dash cam is legal in Pennsylvania, drivers should consider other limitations. For instance, the Wiretap Act prohibits making an audio recording unless both parties are aware of the recording. There are also “Peeper Laws” that prohibit making video recordings in private settings such as a bedroom, dressing room or restroom.

The moral is to use your dash cam wisely, and understand the implications of any audio recordings you may make. If you find yourself a situation where these situations may arise, play it safe and switch the camera off; otherwise, you may be facing down the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Dash cams can be fun and have a definite place in protecting public safety. Be sure to use yours responsibly and in consideration of others.


Are dash cams legal In pennsylvania