Best Dash Cams for High Heat Environments

There are many issues associated with dashboard cameras, if you are familiar with dashboard cameras and you’re used to reading tech news about dashboard cameras, you will notice that the major challenges they tend to have is the issue of overheating.

Our Top Picks


Unfortunately most high rated dash cams are manufactured with capacitors which are high heat emitting devices. Normally, most high heat climate dashboard cameras are designed with capacitors, so it’s almost impossible or very difficult to get such cameras that won’t heat up since they can’t do without capacitors.

You will definitely require the camera to turn on as soon as the the vehicle switches on and work for some minutes before the air con catches up and gets going. Basically, you will want to buy a camera that has an operating temperature of more than 100F. But luckily, we have selected the best dash cams for high heat environments based on special features and factors like internal features and the number of heating vents.

FineVu CR2000 Omega

finevu cr2000 review
The FineVu CR2000 Omega made our list for high heat environment dash cams. Though touchscreen gadgets don’t seem to be good for high heat environments, reviews have shown that FineVu has got no issue with that.

A good feature is the ability to re-calibrate the touch sensor in case there is a malfunction along the line and this has been proven to work just as perfect as the factory setting.

All the components are not packed together, there is room for ventilation to avoid heating. Generally, the FineVu CR2000 Omega generates very little heat.

The video quality is awesome with both front and rear camera recording at high resolutions. It records 24 hours non-stop even when parked by means of its motion detection.

It comes with a dual SD card which is an advantage for better storage. You can store recording events better on the larger SD card which is better at dissipating heat compared to the micro SD card.

General Features

-SONY CMOS SENSOR for both the front and rear
-Shutoff for Low voltage to prevent car battery discharge prevention
-Front Camera 1920 x 1080 @30 fps
-Rear Camera 1920 x 1080 @30 fps
-136° diagonal, 115° horizontal and 72° vertical
-External GPS

Transcend Drivepro 200

transcend drivepro 200 review

Combining quality and low price, the Transcend Drivepro 200 got it right here.

I don’t believe that you must always spend a fortune to get good quality and this dash cam has proven that. You don’t need to worry about heat again because it happens to be a high heat environment camera.

The video quality is great with Full HD 1080p recording @ 30 fps. It uses a capacitor instead of batteries. It comes with a 16GB SD card which can conveniently record up to 240 minutes at its highest video quality.

However, you can buy 32GB for longer recording experience. There is a Wi-Fi function which is important in changing the settings of the camera and also updating the firmware if need be.

The whole package of the Transcend Drivepro 200 is just awesome except for the fact that the video quality isn’t the best at night, but at least you can still catch a glimpse of happenings and events.

Transcend Drivepro 200 comes with smartphone connectivity which enables the user to stream videos, download and share the events. It is a nice choice for people with small budget who still want quality.

General Features

-3MP CMOS sensor
-Full HD 1080p recording @ 30 fps
-Battery Type: Capacitor
-160° viewing angle
-Video format: .MOV
-22°F to 148°F operating temperature range


BlackSys CH-100B review

With the BlackSysCH-100B Dash cam, you will not have to worry about overheating, it is specially designed to work in an extremely high temperaturest.

The temperature range is about -4F to 158F. This is credited to the designed and spread out body to create room for cooling vents.

It uses sleek external GPS which dissipates just a small amount of heat. There’s still more to this expensive camera, with its amazing features, I think it is worth the investment.

One unique feature we must not fail to mention is that, at very extreme temperatures, it shuts itself down to prevent any damages. Even though the manufacturer claims that it is the best dashboard camera under the sun, we still advise to install it below the dot matrix of your vehicle where it can be shaded from direct sunlight.

It comes with a 16GB SD card, but it can accommodate up to 128GB for longer recording.
Attaching the camera to your vehicle is easy, it makes use of adhesive to mount it to your car, but you may need to buy another adhesive if it needed be to adjust it again.

General Features

-2.1 MP Sony CMOS Sensor on the front camera
-Dashcam with G-sensor
-Lens Angle: Front- 135°, Rear- 130°
-Wi-Fi connectivity with smartphones
-4F to 158F extreme temperature range
-FULL HD 1080PHD Front and 720P Rear Recording

These are our unbiased picks for the best dashcams for high heat environments. Even though these cameras are specially designed for hot climates, there is no need to raise any alarm if you suspect a high increase in temperature, it is expected of them. What makes these cameras special is the fact that they will still work well in such temperatures that is why they were designed. It is normal for these cameras to get excessively hot if they have been working for a long time.
We also advise on the memory card. Heat causes wear and tear on SD cards, so if you want your memory card to last longer, it is necessary to do frequent formatting- normally every 2-3 weeks will be okay. After going through our review, we are sure you must have concluded on the best dashboard camera for your climate and the one that will just suit your budget.

Thanks for reading this article, we hope you find it useful. If you have any questions about any other dash cams or would like to know more about this products like these, simply e-mail us and we will get back to you.