Thinkware X550 Review

Dashboard cameras are an excellent investment in todays world. There is an abundance of cameras available in the market but the Thinkware X550 differentiates itself by featuring an excellent use of technology.

The camera provides excellent image quality and driver assistance. It is also capable of warning about speed and speed cameras also using its GPS.

The camera can be attached to the windshield or rear-view mirror. It can be set to start recording either when the car is turned on or it can be set to record only when the camera detects an impact.

thinkware x550 review

Excellent recording and image capture

The camera is equipped with 2.4MP Sony Exmor CMOS sensor which can capture excellent quality day and night time video.

The cameras Super Night Vision can automatically adjust the brightness and colours of the sensor to capture images in low light conditions.

Sometimes there can be an extremely bright object in an image which can ruin the details of other areas, the X550’s Wide Dynamic Range can balance the picture in this scenario to produce more details in uneven lighting.

The cameras time lapse can capture at 1 frame per second, which can be extremely useful for surveillance over extended periods of time.

thinkware x550 dash cam review

Road Safety Warning System

The camera is equipped with a ‘Road Safety Warning System’ which provides feedback for lane departure, front collision and front vehicle departure. It also alerts the driver in case a crash is imminent.

Excellent build and features

The X550 is equipped with Ambarella A7 which is capable of extremely fast processing and image capture.

The 2.7” clear display can be used to check the recorded videos, eliminating the need of a computer for watching the videos.

The camera features an accelerometer and a G-Sensor which are used for impact detection so that the camera can automatically record when it senses an impact or an accident.


Various recording modes

The camera supports various modes such as continuous recording which automatically starts recording as soon as the car engine starts.

Incident recording uses the G-Sensor to record only when it detects an impact. Motion detection also starts recording when an object passes around the vehicle.

The camera can automatically switch between parking and continuous recording modes by assessing the voltage and motion.



  • 1080p @ 30fps recording with good low light performance
  • Road Safety Warning System provides excellent guidance
  • Various recording modes and features make the camera suitable for any situation


  • Assistance features can sometimes trigger too easily
  • The interface can be confusing


thinkware review


Dashboard cameras can often be vital in case of accidents, providing security and support in case of claims and courts. The Thinkware X550 is packed with features and can reliably record collision footage.

Its Road Safety Warning System can provide vital assistance while driving and parking.

Thinkware X550 is designed to be suitable for any situation and with its built-in recording modes, it can adapt to almost any situation very easily. The camera can be recommended for anyone who is willing to have a high quality recording unit with road assistance.

Thinkware X550 Footage

To get the full quality of this video make sure you go onto the settings within and change the quality to 1080p hd.

This footage has both night and day examples.

Thanks for reading this Thinkware X550 review. If you have any questions about any other dash cams or would like to know more about this product then simply e-mail us and we will get back to you.

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