Thinkware F750 Dash Cam Review

The Thinkware F750 is an excellent companion with its in-built road Safety Warning System. The system is capable of providing notifications for lane departure as well as front collision.

It can detect any markings on the road, based on which it can give an audio warning if the driver starts to move away from its lane or when it is about to experience a collision.

The camera is not only good for its warning system, it also gives robust protection against insurance frauds and road accidents by being a reliable witness of incidents.

Thinkware has an application available for iOS and Android devices which can be used with the camera via Wi-Fi. The app allows the owner to access and transfer videos stored in the camera and change the camera’s settings.

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thinkware f750 review

Dual save videos

One of the most unique features of the F750 is the ability to save videos in internal memory as well as microSD card simultaneously.

In case the camera detects an impact, it automatically saves the video at both the places which gives the assurance that even if the microSD card is corrupted due to collision, you would have evidence stored within the camera’s internal storage; I think this is invaluable!

Incredible processor and sensor

Thinkware F750 is equipped with Sony EXMOR CMOS Image Sensor which is capable of recording Full HD 1080p videos at 30fps.

The combination of Sony sensor with the camera’s high-end Ambarella A7 chipset is capable of delivering excellent quality and performance. These enable the camera to have a Smart Focusing System, Intelligent Auto Exposure and Noise Reduction System which work together to produce good image quality irrespective to the time of the day or amount of light available.

thinkware f750 dash cam review

Reliable and effective protection

There are a number of features which makes the F750 an excellent choice for providing protection for your car against accidents, insurance claims and insurance frauds.

The camera can automatically record when it detects a collision with its Active Impact Monitoring feature which uses a 3-axis gyroscopic sensor for reliable detection. When it detects an impact, it automatically records the 10 seconds prior to an impact and 10 seconds after the impact.

Parking mode allows the camera to remain active even when the car is parked for long periods.



  • Collision detection and Road Warning System provide additional safety.
  • Dual Save ensures that a video is reliably available in case of an accident.
  • Good quality images with an excellent sensor and processor.


  • The camera lacks an internal battery, requiring it to be hardwired for parking mode.


thinkware f750


The camera features a built-in GPS sensor which provides additional information such as location, etc. with your videos, it also enables the camera to warn you for overspeeding.

Thinkware F750 should definitely be hardwired with your car to enable its impact detection and parking mode which gives your car protection even when it is turned off.

The app is very well built, offering reliable playback and control of the camera. Thinkware F750 is an extremely well built and functional camera. With its protection and security oriented features, it will be an excellent option for a dashboard camera even in the harshest environments.

Thanks for reading this Thinkware F750 review. If you have any questions about any other dash cams or would like to know more about this product then simply e-mail us and we will get back to you.

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Thinkware F750 Footage

To get the full quality of this video make sure you go onto the settings within and change the quality to 1080p hd.

This footage has both night and day examples.