Boblov DAB205 Ambarella Review

The Boblov DAB205 Ambarella A12 dashboard camera is an excellent camera capable of recording at 1440p, it is one of the cheapest cameras capable of recording at this resolution.

The camera comes with an excellent array of features and capabilities which can even match those of more expensive ones. The camera has an average build quality but it is small enough to be concealed behind the rear view mirror.

Excellent optics and video quality

The camera sports a lens which has a 178 -degree field of view, capturing a wider area in every frame. The wide angle captures more details with more finesse.

The camera captures at a resolution of 2560 x 1440 having almost twice the area of Full HD.

Ambarella A12

Ambarella is a leader in the field of low power HD video compression and the image processing semi-conductor industry.

The SoC has hardware support for H.264 video compression which is tightly integrated within the SoC, giving Ambarella’s camera the capability to capture up to 4K Ultra HD videos. The SoC supports up to 512GB of storage in the form of memory cards.

High Dynamic Range

HDR, when compared to ordinary images, can provide more dynamic range and image details.

HDR has different exposure times for each image which are captured and then combined to form a single HDR image which contains the best amount of detail for light and dark objects at the same time.

Early warning functions, loop recording and motion detection.

The camera has features for early warning which alerts the driver when there is not enough space for parking. Loop recording allows the current video to overwrite the previous files, even if the storage is full, ensuring that you don’t miss any important details from your journey.

The built in motion detection sensor automatically starts recording if it detects an impact or sudden movement of the car and the built-in G-Sensor detector automatically stores images and videos when it detects an impact of more than 6G, providing evidence in case of an accident when parked. So useful if you come out to find a bump or scratch on your car and have no idea who’s done it.

H.264 compression technology

This is the next generation video codec after MPEG video compression technology, It supports higher efficiency of encoding videos and a higher quality of videos in general. H.264 generates a file which is half the size for the same image quality when compared to MPEG.

Intuitive interface and accessibility

The camera is equipped with a HDMI port which supports the connection of multiple external players to play video, such as televisions, computer screens, car video players and more. The Boblov Dab205 Comes with a 3” HD screen, which has an intuitive interface for managing the camera as well playing back the recorded video within the device itself.


  • Supports a resolution of up to 1440p
  • Has excellent features such as parking mode, h.264 support, G-Sensor, etc.


  • Video quality can be grainy at night.

Overall, the camera can be recommended for anyone looking for a reliable dashboard camera with a high resolution. There are cheaper cameras available, but none of them can match the features of the Boblov DAB205 Ambarella A12. Any owner of this camera will be happy with their purchase.