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How the Hardwire Dash Cam Kit Works…

Ok, I’m aware that the Hardwire dash cam kit may sound a little confusing or even too much effort to do, but trust me. If you’re forgetful like me and sometimes forget to plug in your dashboard camera then this will probably be the tool for you.

Normally, dashboard cameras are powered by the lighter plug in your car but it has two primary problems. First one being that it occupies the plug, leaving no space for other things such as a phone charger.

Second one is that it stops working once the car has turned off, causing the dashboard camera to lose the ability to record video when parked.

The dashboard camera ‘Vehicle Hard Wire Kit’ is compatible with G1W, G1W-C, G1WG, GT680W, Mini 0801, and almost any camera with a mini USB power port.

It is a hard wire kit which directly connects your dashboard camera to the car battery which allows the camera to have a 24/7 power source which gives it the ability to record video at any time, ensuring evidence in case of an accident while parked. It also gives the benefit of freeing your lighter plug for other uses such as a phone charger.


The hard wire kit has simple installation instructions, basically you need to splice the red wire into the ignition or permanent source (car battery). Splicing the wire into the ignition would limit the camera to work only when the car is turned on, however, splicing it into a permanent source guarantees full time operation.

The included cable is just long enough to work with most vehicles, however it can be easily extended if required.

hardwire dash cam kit


Parking mode and hard wire kit

Most dashboard cameras today come with a feature called “parking mode”, which allows the camera to record only when it detects some activity.

Cameras with parking mode are generally equipped with motion detectors which can detect any movement around the car and record only then. Certain models have G-Sensors which can detect impacts to the car and save video from a few seconds before the impact until a few seconds after.

Parking mode requires a hard wire kit to power the camera so that it can operate when the car is turned off, making this hard wire kit a very good choice, especially if your car is going to be parked for extended periods of time.

The primary benefit parking mode gives is the ability to save storage space without losing any protection or evidence in case of accidents.

Is the Hard Wire Kit worth getting?  

The dash cam hardwire kit is a very essential tool which should be used when installing a dashboard camera in your car.

The dashboard camera works fine with a lighter plug when the car is powered on, however it loses its utility as soon as the car is turned off. Although a hardwire kit might require some work for wiring and installation, it works really well and is well worth it.

It works with any camera which uses a mini USB port, making it compatible with almost all the models in the current market.

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