G1W Dash Cam Review (GS108)

The G1W is an economical dashboard camera, and is sometimes referred to as GS108.

Even though G1w dash cam has a fairly low price, the camera records high quality videos at 1080p. The camera comes in black, blue or brown depending on the seller.

A number of fakes have been reported for this camera, so the customer should be careful before purchasing. The camera contains a 2.7” HD screen where you can playback any recorded video.

g1w dash cam

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Build quality and size

There are smaller dashboard cameras than the G1W, however it will still fit behind your rear view mirror comfortably. The body is mostly plastic, lightweight and not very sturdy – but that can be expected from a camera around this price range.

Sensor and video quality

The camera can record 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps using its NovaTek NT96650 chipset and Aptina AR0330 sensor which have been popular due to their reasonable cost while maintaining quality.

During the daytime, G1W’s video quality is as good as any other camera but its videos can be a bit shaky which is a major downside for this camera.

Night time video can be blurry with license plates being fairly hard to read. G1W would not be an ideal choice for recording scenes or for artistic ventures, but the camera is very viable for security or evidence for insurance purposes.

The camera features Wide Dynamic Range which allow it to capture better night time video than most other cameras, however, its WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) can be a hit and a miss at times.

G1W (GS108) Features

Loop Recording- The camera features loop recording, which overwrites the oldest video if the camera runs out of memory.

G-Sensor- It can automatically turn on when it detects the car in motion or an incident. The camera has a G-Sensor which automatically enables recording when it senses an impact, rapid acceleration or other anomalies. The camera has a quick boot time of 4s, comparable to more expensive dashboard cameras.

g1w dash cam review


Very good value for money
Good daytime quality for video
G-Sensor with impact detection
Automatic on and record, loop recording
Small and compact build which can fit behind rear view mirror


Build quality can be lacking
Has issues in video during nighttime
Wide Dynamic Range might not always give a benefit
Daytime video can be shaky

This is an excellent camera for those who have been considering buying a dash cam but have been putting it off thinking they are expensive.

gs108 review

It is not too big, but does not come in black and can stand out. The camera’s daytime quality would satisfy most, however its night time quality leaves a little to be desired.

The camera provides sufficient details to be useful in case of emergency, for recording evidence in insurance claims or for other identification purposes.

The G1W is an excellent starter package with features and quality at a decent price.

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G1w (GS108) Footage

To get the full quality of this video make sure you go onto the settings within and change the quality to 1080p hd. You may need to restart the video for the changes to take place.

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