Mini 0903 NanoQ Review

The Mini 0903 also known as the Mini NanoQ or NanoQ has recently joined the next generation of Mini Series dashboard cameras which are fitted with a super capacitor instead of a Lithium-ion battery.

If you want to hide your camera behind the rear view mirror then this camera is a must since it is smaller than most of the dashboard cameras. It can be easily tucked behind the rear-view mirror as the camera is smaller and more discreet than any other dashboard camera with a built-in screen.

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mini 0903 review

The Sony Exmor IMX322 Sensor

The Mini 0903 or NanoQ records up to 2MP HD 1080p which is at 30 fps. The sensor excels at day and night, giving sharp videos regardless of the time of day.

The camera has a 1.5inch LCD screen which can be used for viewing videos, adjusting menu settings as well as aligning the cameras.

Excellent HDR and Optics

The NanoQ’s camera has high dynamic range (HDR) which is used for improving the quality of its video in low light conditions.

It also has a new 7G glass lens which results in further improvements in image quality when compared to some of the older models.

The camera has a magnetic mount for a Circular Polarisation Lens (CPL), which are used to decrease glare from sunlight, but they should be avoided during night time as they can darken the video.

mini 0903 nanoq review

Parking Mode With Impact Sensor

When the camera is in parking mode, it continuously records at a low frame rate, giving a time-lapse effect.

If the G-sensor detects an impact it will also record normal video of 30fps for 15 seconds after the event has happened which will get saved in the write-protected folder, so that it doesn’t get overwritten.

More Features

The included GPS module allows the Mini 0903 to track your location as well as calculate your speed, providing additional evidence in case there is an incident or help your case while claiming insurance.

The software provided in the camera can be used to view location information. The centrally mounted system is capable with GoPro Mounts which adds another level of versatility and usability.

The camera allows for a left or right handed mount since the image can be flipped by 180 degrees. The camera also has built-in Wi-Fi, which allows viewing the footage from your smartphone.


  • Good daytime video quality
  • Has super capacitor instead of normal battery
  • GPS with Wi-Fi
  • Extremely compact with good mount options


  • The night time video quality can be hit or miss

NanoQ (Mini 0903) is the only camera in its range which hosts a super capacitor, Sony Image sensor and Wi-Fi. Combine this with its micro size for stealth mounting, GPS and optional CPL filter, which makes this one of the best mini cameras available.

This is one of the best valued dashboard cameras in the market and definitely a must buy for those on a budget.

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Mini 0903 Footage

To get the full quality of this video make sure you go onto the settings within and change the quality to 1080p hd.


Night Time


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