Transcend DrivePro 220 Review

The Transcend DrivePro 220 has all the basic features you’d want from a dash cam, and a few extra to boot.

Starting with a full 1080p HD camera, you will get the best footage with a sharp, high quality picture. The DrivePro dash cam has an auto stop and start mode, which allows for automated recording when it’s most needed.

When shopping for a dash cam, most buyers think about the quality level of the recorded video, but many overlook the actual viewing angle.

transcend drivepro 220 review

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Since the Transcend DrivePro 220 has 1080p HD video recording, you don’t have to worry about quality at all. The viewing angle, is where this camera really shines, though. It has a 130 degree viewing angle which makes recording into the peripheral field possible.

Not only is this 130 degree HD video at 1080p, it’s also capable of recording 30 frames per second, so that you don’t miss a beat.


There are four modes for capturing video built into the DrivePro 220, parking, snapshot, automatic and manual modes.

Parking mode recording allows you to automatically capture any motion around your vehicle while it’s parked.

drivepro 220 review

Snapshot mode will take pictures instead of videos, this can be handy if you’re worried about saving room for more footage.

With the automatic mode you can allow your camera to start recording when it receives power and detects motion. This allows you to plug it in and forget about it so that you can focus on driving.

If you don’t like sifting through all of your hours of footage, simply put the camera in manual mode and only capture the content you’re looking to save.


This dashcam from the trusted brand, Transcend, has a MicroSD slot which is great for easy memory expansion and file storage. Simply put any MicroSD card into the device with up to 64GB of storage, and remove it when you’re ready to download the files. This is great for users transferring files to a computer weekly or monthly.

transcend review

The DrivePro 220 has many other features not always found on dash cams such as night and day modes, which automatically adjust for lighting conditions, a 2.4 inch LCD and GPS logging. Ever wonder where you were during a specific incident in your footage? Just check the GPS log attached to each video file.

Since the dash cam is monitoring the view in front of you, it’s also capable of collision warning. It can be set to beep if another object enters your expected trajectory. This can save many accidents from happening, while capturing the ones that do happen.

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Transcend Drivepro 220 Footage

To get the full quality of this video make sure you go onto the settings within and change the quality to 1080p hd. You may need to restart the video for the changes to take place.