Street Guardian SG9665GC Review

The  Street Guardian SG9665GC is the star among a long line of dash cams released by the Chinese company, Street Guardian.

Released in late 2014, Street Guardian stands firm in its claim that this dash cam is the best out of all of the previous Street Guardian dash cams, and they seem to be right.

street guardian review

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The Street Guardian SG9665GC has a 1080p video resolution that runs at 30 fps, and the video playback is displayed on a crisp 1.5 inch HD TFT screen.

Both constant and motion detecting video capture are included, and all videos have date and time stamps. It can hold up to 64 GB in a micro SD card, and it includes an external GPS.


The built-in screen is clear, bright and allows users to update settings and adjust camera angles easily.

The camera is very compact and easily blends in with the designs of most vehicle interiors. This model includes a lens that is of higher grade than previous Street Guardian models, allowing it to view a wider range without succumbing to terrible distortions or fish eye effects.

Additionally, this model has an improved processor over older Street Guardian models with the Novatek NT96655.

This dash cam also has some of the highest video quality available on the market today, and it has been noted by many users that this camera has one of the best night vision cameras for dash cams to date.

street guardian review


Many users have reported that this camera has a problem with hot or stuck pixels on the footage. This is when there are several pixels that stay stuck on a particular color from a previous frame. While it doesn’t hinder performance, it is an annoyance.

The cable that connects to the external GPS is also too long and a bit of a nuisance to keep attached and hidden. If putting the GPS within the camera is not feasible, a shorter cord would be preferred as most people don’t place the GPS very far from the camera itself.

While this dash cam does have great video quality day and night, it is difficult to read license plates, especially at night. The night vision is sometimes too bright to effectively make out details like letters, but this may be fixed to some degree in the settings.

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The Street Guardian SG9665GC is a great dash cam for anyone looking for a compact model with plenty of additional components and high video quality.

The number of people experiencing the issue with hot pixels is enough to cause some concern, but the stuck pixels don’t cause a significant problem. Additionally, this problem may be fixed with future software updates.

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