Garmin NuviCam LMTHD Review

This dashboard camera features a large 6-inch touchscreen display. Compared to other dashboard cameras that have the same features, this dashboard camera is expensive by about $100.

It has some smart and intelligent features such as lane departure and collision warning systems. With the HD camera, it is always recording and saving the footage automatically.

In the case of an accident, the footage can be used. When driver over 30mph, the camera can sense if you are getting too close to the car ahead and outputs visual and audio warnings.

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Garmin nuvicam lmthd review

When the car is moving at more than 40mph, the lane departure system comes into action and will warn the driver if they drift out of their lane.

The user experience on this dashboard camera is incredible. It is very easy to control most aspects of this devices via its 6-inch display. The only controls that are non-touch are the snap chat button and the power button. Though the battery capacity is not indicated, users say that the battery last long enough.

Garmin NuviCam LMTHD dashboard camera has been designed in a way that makes it marry to its mount using a single orientation with a magnetic coupler. The suction cup makes it stick to the windshield.

They have made its cable to run to the mount, which makes it easy to remove and take as you wish. They have this dashboard camera to support Garmin’s BC 30 wireless backup camera.

garmin nuvicam lmthd

If you feel the internal memory capacity is small, then you can extend the memory capacity by adding micro-SD cards to the dual SD card slots. Note that one slot is for the dashboard camera and the other is for storing the map files.

The only bad thing about this dashboard camera is the short, fat cable that’s hard to hide. Also, for its price, 4GB of memory is too little.

Main features

  • Large 6-inch high definition display
  • Built-in dashboard camera
  • It has European maps with free lifetime updates
  • Can be connected with a smartphone


  • It has a simple and accurate navigation system on a high definition display
  • It is integrated with easy to use voice commands
  • It has driver assist technology features such as lane departure and collision warning systems
  • Always on and recording HD camera
  • Lifetime map updates for free


  • The driver assist technologies make the dashboard camera costly
  • It is bulky and fills lots of the windscreen

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