Are Dash Cams Legal In Texas?

So, Are dash cams legal in Texas? This is a question that has been under a great deal of debate. It all depends on who you talk to. Some say it is illegal in Texas. Others say that as long as it’s not obstructing your view you are fine.



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The official ruling on this is as follows.

1) In terms of the obstruction, there are many different variations of obstructing your view. Some say that putting a GPS in your car in the back or front is an obstruction. As long as the equipment is not causing conflict on the road and is well-hidden, you are technically fine.

2)In terms of surveillance, this is the other part of the confusion. Some consider this part of the surveillance equipment. It is and it isn’t. Texas is a one-party state. Technically, it’s not really considered an issue. As long as the recording is not hurting anyone, it’s considered by law to be okay.

You can record the audio and visual of other people in public. The only time it would be an issue is if someone took the one using the dash cam to court. In this case, the dash cam owner would need to testify as to the reason behind the actions.

This information is considered to be the most recent information on this subject. I suggest getting in touch with a county office to hear their views on it, as things do tend to change.


Are Dash Cams Legal In Texas?


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