Vico Marcus 5 Review

The Vico Marcus 5 (Also known as ‘Vicovation Marcus 5‘)  is a dual full high definition 1080p car dashboard camera. It sits easily anywhere you place the camcorder whether it’s on the dashboard or placed near your rear view mirror. It provides real time recording for the front and rear cameras.

It comes with a mounting bracket which sticks to your windshield with a suction cup, while the rear unit sticks to the back window with an adhesive patch. It’s also compatible with a 52mm CPL filter.

The camera supports GPS (more about how GPS works within dash cams in the link) integration but it is optional. It even has a HDMI output for an optional HDMI lead. Oh, I forgot to mention that the bracket has a mount for a standard 52mm CPL filter, this comes in handy for reducing sunlight reflections on your windshield.

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Vico Marcus 5


When we took out the rear camera from the packet, it is surprisingly small! The front camera is a little bit larger and wider than the other Vico cameras. The Vico set comes with an instruction manual that comes with warranty documentation, a power adapter, and all the other bits and bobs that’s needed to set this camera up.

Vicovation marcus 5 review

The Vico-Marcus 5 camcorder comes with a 32GB flash memory card. It weighs less than 1 pound. I would highly recommend when you receive it changing the 32GB memory card to a much larger one, the last thing you want is to run out of memory at a time when you need it most!

The screen is incredibly clear and the picture quality is exceptional. Both front and back cameras are pretty good and being able to see a recording of your vehicle on the road and you maneuvering your vehicle makes for a great time.

Is It Seamless?

One of the things dash cam users  tend worry about is the join between clips, basically if the camera records in 5 minute loops eventually there will a slight jump or a seam on the screen, this indicates that it’s started a new clip. This can be quite annoying especially on some of the more cheaper dashboard cameras. However on the Vico Marcus 5 there is no visible seam, it’s a seamless join between clips.

What’s The Audio Like?

Once you mount it in your vehicle it is very inconspicuous and makes for a great anti-theft device. The audio quality is exceptional and records the sound very clearly. It never seemed muffled or too distant.

Some Useful Features

The Marcus 5, like most dash cams auto-starts and stops recording when the power is connected or disconnected. As mentioned above, it will also re-write over the oldest footage when the memory card is full.

Again like other dashboard cameras it has the date and time stamp, and if your GPS is turned on you can activate the speed stamp.

The camera uses a capacitor instead of a battery. This is a good thing as batteries are often the first component to fail in a dash cam due to heat and continuous recharging.

Some things to note is, the cord for the rear camera is really long and that is great for larger vehicles. Sometimes it does seem to reset itself without incident but that does not seem to be common. It also has some additional features that I appreciate. It has a lane departure warning system. It also provides you with a forward collision warning.

The camera is incredibly innovative and considering more expensive ones on the market this one is fairly priced for all of the specifications and tools that it includes.

The Vico-Marcus 5 is a bit bulkier than some of the other dashboard cameras and it doesn’t support WiFi  or ODB-II like the newer Lukas LK-7950. Don’t let that put you off though, because in terms of video quality this is one of the top front and rear dash cams to take into account.

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Vico Marcus 5 Footage

To get the full quality of this video make sure you go onto the settings within and change the quality to 1080p hd.



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