Are Dash Cams Legal In California?

Dashboard cameras are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. But every area comes with various things that one needs to keep in mind with them. And in fact, they’re flat out illegal in some areas.

This has led many residents to wonder whether they’re actually legal in their state. So, are dash cams legal in California? The answer is a qualified yes. Dashboard cameras are legal in California, but with some restrictions.





Unlike in many areas the restrictions aren’t actually centered around filming. In many parts of the world people are under severe restrictions on what can be filmed and for how long. Thankfully this isn’t an issue for residents in California. The dashboard camera can run for however long as the owner desires.

There are some restrictions to keep in mind about the location of the camera. These laws are, for the most part, intended to prevent injury in the case of accidents. One of the most important is that the camera must be outside of the range of any and all airbags. This is true whether there’s someone in the seat at the time or not. If an airbag can expand into an area than there can’t legally be a camera there.

When placing the camera, it can be in the lower left or lower right side of the windshield. If it’s in the lower left than it can be no larger than five square inches. If it’s in the lower right than it can be no larger than seven inches. It can also be located in the upper center of the windshield. In this case it can be no larger than five square inches. Finally, one must also place notification in plain view within the vehicle to alert passengers of the fact that they’re being recorded. This can be anywhere in the vehicle as long as it’s in plain view of all passengers.

Are Dash Cams Legal In California?
So, now you know dash cams are legal in California, take a look around and find out which one is best for you, if you have any other questions about please feel free to contact us here.

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