BlackVue Power Magic Pro Review

BlackVue Power Magic Pro is a device which enables your dashboard camera to use the car battery while using advanced power management to ensure the car battery stays healthy. This allows your camera to continue recording while your car is off, making this a very useful add-on. It ensures your camera receives constant power and can record in parking mode even when the ignition is off, providing protection during the times the car is not running or when you are not around the car.

BlackVue Power Magic Pro

BlackVue Power Magic Pro

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The Power Magic Pro works by plugging into the lighter socket as well as the fuse box with the black box in the middle. It contains an on/off switch, a power LED and various switches to control options and configuration of the system. The Power Magic Pro comes with various features and options, such as:

On/Off configuration

The device can be manually turned on or off, have a timer which can be configured to turn the device off after a certain time or turn off the device once the vehicle’s battery voltage is below a certain level to prevent discharging the battery completely.

Multiple voltage support

The device can be used with regular passenger cars at 12V as well as heavier, commercial vehicles at 24V. It also offers low voltage stabilisation which prevents unwanted reboots of the dashboard camera.

This device is a necessity if you have a dashboard camera, recording while your car is turned off gives the car protection when parked in public places which can be very useful at times. With the Power Magic Pro you can let the dashboard camera record without having to worry about the camera discharging your battery. Power Magic Pro’s installation is simple and will not take long for anyone who has worked with automative wiring before. The device comes with simple instructions for installation and a number of great instructional videos are also available for the installation of device.

If you have this product, or haven’t got it but you are interested in buying it here is the Power Magic Pro manual (if you are interested).

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