Panorama X2 Review

Note – The Panorama X2 has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Panorama X2 is a mini dashboard camera, it is a dual lens camera and features two video processors. The Panorama X2 dash cam was first introduced by Shenzhen Onstar Technology Co. Ltd in 2014.


  • Front, 1080p – Rear, 1080pPanorama X2
  • 3.5″ Screen
  • Video Format MP4
  • Dual Camera
  • Supports: Upto two 128GB SD/microSD cards
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Auto On/Off
  • Loop Recording
  • Internal microphone
  • Optional GPS
  • Lock File Button
  • Buffered Parking Mode
  • Adhesive Mount
  • Note – The Panorama X2 has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

The X2 has dual micro SD memory slots and a total memory of 256 GB.  The unit uses low voltage cut-off which is built in, this ensures that your car battery will not run out during parking mode. It has additional specifications like parking mode and this will capture events from 4-5 seconds before and 15-20 seconds after the incident; thanks to the G-sensor (motion detection feature). 

It also supports an optional GPS module. Now, I’ve said this before in other reviews and I’ll say it again… Although the GPS sounds fancy and feels like a good thing to have I always try and avoid using it if possible.  The reason for this is simple, if you have an accident and it’s not your fault, and you go and send the video evidence in and on that video they see you were doing a 35 in a 30 zone… Then the opposing insurance company will just say, well you were breaking the law and not pay out; So although it sounds like a good feature, you could actually be doing more harm than good. 

The X2 has all the other usual features of a dash cam this caliber, such as automatic loop recording, date and time stamps, auto on/off, lock file button and a couple of other bits and bobs. It works at the temperature of -20’c to -70’c and has wide dynamic range of 120’.


This dash cam will help avoid trouble and misunderstandings in investigating who was at fault. It provides evidence for each moment. It makes it easy for you to hand your vehicle over to a family member, or a friend that might want to borrow your car because it films everything. It can also record all the events and happenings around you while traveling and give you pleasant and unexpected surprises on film. It provides safety and peace of mind from reckless drivers and reduces road crime. 


Its front camera is 96mm x 66mm x 33mm which may be considered a little large. Some users also say that the device can get hot however it has not caused any major problems as of yet.

On the whole, the Panorama X2 is a very useful bit of kit and thanks to its 3.5″ touch screen this makes it very user friendly and is very easy to configure; without needing Wi-Fi.