So What Is Parking Mode?

One of the most important features and this also comes with most premium dashboard camera brands is the dash cam parking mode; The way it works is that the device is always recording, if someone or something comes into frame it records 5-10 seconds before and 20 seconds after the motion is detected and the device automatically switches from normal recording to parking mode.


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Typically, dashboard cameras are powered by the vehicle’s cigarette port outlet. The camera cables are of about 4m or more in length which allow them to be connected directly to the power outlet. By doing so, it provides more of a tidy and discreet installation. However, once the vehicle is turned off the camera has to rely on its own battery for the dash cam parking mode which doesn’t allow for long operation times.

dash cam parking mode

The alternative installation method is through hard wiring the dashboard camera directly to the car or vehicle battery fuse box. The advantages of having a hard-wired installation is so to enable dashboard cameras to provide continuous recordings even when the vehicle ignition is turned off.

Buffered Parking Mode

The dashboard cameras take some time to wake up, because of which it might be too late to record what happened by the time your camera starts unless your device has buffered parking mode. In buffered parking mode, the footage will not be saved unless an event is detected.


  •  Records events even when vehicle is turned off.
  •  Allows documentation of parking accidents, hit-and-run etc.


  • The camera must be hard-wired to your vehicle as the camera cannot run for longer periods on it’s own battery, this makes the installation more complicated.

By hardwiring the dashboard camera to your vehicle, the dashboard camera would be able to act as a CCTV camera when the vehicle ignition is turned off. Cameras which come with parking mode have motion detection technology which allow them to save energy by turning on when motion is detected in the vicinity.

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