Lukas LK-7950 WD Dash Cam Review

The Lukas LK-7950 WD Dash Cam is a full featured dual channel camera with 1080p recording for both the front and rear cameras. It is based on the Texas Instruments TMS320DM8148 processor which controls both cameras. The front and rear cameras both have Sony Exmor IMX322 image sensors. This camera has very good video quality during the day and good video quality at night for the front camera.

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FeaturesLukas LK-7950 Review

  • 1080p
  • WiFi
  • Taxi Cam (Front and Rear Lense)
  • Supports: Upto two 256GB SD/microSD cards
  • Video Format: AVI
  • Auto On/Off
  • Loop Recording
  • Internal microphone
  • Optional GPS
  • Lock File Button
  • Buffered Parking Mode
  • Operating temperature: from -30°C to 80°C (-22°F to 176°F)
  • Voice Alerts
  • LED Security Light


Dual Memory Card support

The Lukas LK-7950 is the only premium line of dash cameras to offer dual memory card slots. The main full size SD card is dedicated for Normal driving & Parking Mode videos, while the smaller microSD card is dedicated just for events (hits & crashes).

Built-in Wi-Fi

You can view your video footage through the Lukas App. This is helpful when an accident just happens and you want to show the responding police officer what just happened. You can also customize all your settings.

Voice Alerts

Voice alerts help the driver know which mode the camera is currently in. It is peace of mind that the camera is turned on, and is functioning the way it should. It will also be able to tell if the memory card has failed or needs to be replaced.

LED Security Light

An integrated flashing light tells potential thieves that your vehicle is protected with a dash camera. This feature can be turned off in Lukas Viewer Software; however I would probably keep the light turned off to be more discreet, having an expensive camera might look appealing to take.


  • Rear camera is really small, but has a bright blue indicator light. It doesn’t block your vision, but the indicator light acts as a deterrent against tailgaters.
  • Front camera has both SD and Micro SD inputs
  • Built-in Wifi provides approximate speed readings on video overlays even without ODB2 accessory.
  • Provided wiring is long enough to work in just about any sedan / compact with room to spare.


  • Front camera is really large. It can’t fully hide behind your rear-view mirror
  • Fuse-tap / Add-A-Circuit is required, but not provided.
  • Video footage occasionally cuts out.

The Lukas LK-7950 supports HDR for better night visibility and has optional GPS support, buffered parking mode, UV filter and is a well-built sturdy device. This is one of the most sophisticated dual channel dashboard cameras out there and outperforms several other dual channel cameras owing to it’s excellent video quality and high temperature resistance.

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Lukas LK-7950 WD Footage

To get the full quality of this video make sure you go onto the settings within and change the quality to 1080p hd.

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