Falcon zero f-360 review

Falcon Zero F-360 Review

The Falcon Zero F-360 HD Rear View Mirror Car Dash Camera with DVR fits over your car or truck’s rear-view mirror and can be used to record incidents for insurance claims, scenic drives, or family road trips. The unit’s two 180° adjustable front-or rear-facing cameras can be positioned to record incidents at the front, back, or sides of your vehicle and capture clear video in 720p resolution, snapshots up to 5MP, and audio.


Auto record with dual HD cameras

The F360 HD powers on with the vehicle, automatically recording without requiring you to touch a thing. The F360 has 2 cameras that can see all around you and can swivel 180 degrees each. Using the two cameras, you can achieve an impressive 240-degree field of view in a single direction.

Loop Recording

Record in either 3, 5, or 10 minute clips (or loops) or continuously. Loop recording ensures the SD card will never fill up and you will always capture the latest footage.

More impressive features

The F360 comes with night vision for enhanced recording during night time, a 3.5-inch LCD screen, HDMI output and a cord management system as well as a real mirror.


  •  Simple setup, comes with an 8 ft. cable which can be made easily hidden
  •  Loops over old videos
  •  Has an internal battery for backup
  •  Two cameras which can be easily adjusted for different range of view for front, back or both


  •  White, washed out footage. The video can become un-focused when sunny
  •  Smaller details are hard to see when bright
  •  Be careful, sometimes this camera is advertised as supporting 1080p, however this is misleading as it can only record 1080p in single-lens mode. When using both cameras, the maximum resolution is 720p.

This is one of the few cam mirrors (Taxi cams) that have both front and back videos. You can switch from front to back or have both on at the same time. Even though both lenses are equipped with infrared LEDs, these are only useful for recording inside the car they don’t have enough power to illuminate anything outside (streetlights usually light up the road anyway). Overall, it’s simple to use and provides great coverage with it’s dual cameras but there are better quality DVRs when it comes to camera quality.

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Falcon Zero F-360 Footage

To get the full quality of this video make sure you go onto the settings within and change the quality to 1080p hd.

The Falcon Zero F-360 can be purchased easily online via Amazon.

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