What Is The Best Dash Cam?

Firstly, lets familiarise ourselves on what a dashboard camera aka ‘dash cam’/’in car camera’ actually is. A dashboard camera is a gadget installed into cars to capture footage of the vehicle while it’s motion, or stationary. They are usually fitted in the front or at the back of the car to capture all the surroundings. Dash cams help to record all of the footage while travelling or parked up which provides a sense of security and relaxation to you. Dash cam technology is very user friendly (Well, depending on which one you buy.) as mistakes made while driving can be easily reviewed using the footage to avoid repetition of the same thing happening again. This is particularly important when one is learning how to drive. Incase of accidents the video recorded acts as evidence to support the driver and show what really happened.

what is the best dash cam

Dashboard cameras have recently gained popularity all over the world and are made by different manufacturers starting from small firms who are just starting out to big firms such as Garmin. The car dash camera comes in different sizes, prices, and features depending on the manufacturer. The most important factor to consider when choosing a dash cam for a vehicle is camera quality and resolution. A good camera should provide all the footage captured is clear for proper analysis to be done in case of an accident or vandalism occurs. Video quality is determined by the camera resolution, a good resolution provides a high quality video. Dash cameras used a few years back have a lower resolution compared to the ones made in 2015 which now come pretty much standard with 1080p HD.

The resolution for the best car dash camera made this year have high pixels starting from 1080p HD and above. This means the camera is able to provide HD (high definition) footage which is of very high quality and is exceptionally clear. These dash cams are highly reliable during the day as some which are cheaper may not be able to capture a clear video during the night, although some come with LED or Nightvision Mode for proper vision during the night.

Dashboard Cameras have become widely used all over the world because of their benefits; by drivers, traffic police officers and even school wardens. Some of the reasons why you should look into purchasing a dash cam include:-

  • It’s practically a full time witness. The video recorded may be provided in a court to act as evidence showing who was responsible for causing the accident. This is extremely important in avoiding paying for damages where the driver was involved but was not responsible for the accident. There is nothing worse than when you have an accident that isn’t your fault, there is no other witness around and it’s literally your word against theirs.


  • A car dash camera provides a solution to irresponsible and reckless drivers. Drivers sometimes become impatient with other drivers and pedestrians on the road. Such drivers are easily monitored if a dash cam is present and legal action may be taken against them. The presence of these cameras has improved discipline on the roads in many countries, with many drivers well aware that their driving could be being recorded; and any form of misconduct or abuse may lead to a legal trial in a court of law. Most road accidents are caused by reckless driving such as roadrage, the use of mobile phones or driving and driving under the influence of drugs. The dash cams are therefore useful in providing evidence for accidents caused by these type of road users.


  • Dash cams are useful even in car parks. Many people have experienced damages to their cars in car parks, whether or not is was by accident or petty vandlism. Scratching of vehicles and damaging of bodywork by other drivers using the car park may go unnoticed when the car has not been fitted with a dash cam. Engaging the dash cam to be active when the car is parked helps to record these occurrences and provides proof for when the perpetrator decides to make a swift exit.


  • Dash cams are nowadays being used in driving schools by the teachers to provide footage of how the trainees are faring. This footage may be used to guide the trainees on avoiding repeating the same mistakes. 


  • To prevent drivers who may cause an accident and blame it on the honest drivers. The roads are filled by different road users some of them are fraudsters that benefit by extorting money from other road users by putting the blame on them. To avoid such unexpected occurrences dash cams offers the best solution as proof of what happens is provided in a video. 


  • Individuals who operate a fleet of vehicles have greatly benefited from dash cams as they are able to monitor what is happening on the road. Some drivers are dishonest and cannot be relied upon unless there is evidence showing their integrity on the road. To keep a record of performance on the road for the vehicles a dash cam has been helpful in providing this information. Individuals who love retaining the memories of their road trips have used dash cams to record such moments.

So, what is the best car dash camera of 2015?

The most important features for these dash cams is their performance on the road and the benefits they give to the users. Dashboard cameras comes in different features and prices depending on their resolution. The most impressive dash cam in 2015 is the latest DOD LS460W model. The LS460W provides a caption which is high quality and most clear. The dash cam is the most superior considering its resolution power and has taken a sweep in the market by satisfying the customers in a more superior way. The images captured are not blurred compared to other dash cams out there, where the picture may not be too clear. The lens has a wide field of view and is able to capture the whole front of the vehicle when properly fitted on the windscreen. 

The DOD LS460W is able to record car number plates from a good distance and has outstanding clear pictures during the day and excellent recorded videos during the night. The camera costs slightly more than some of the others on the market however it is probably worth the slight difference in price.

The DOD LS460W is the best solution to drivers and car owners who want to keep a track of their vehicles performance on the road. The dash cam has good video qualities even at night and also integrated with GPS to keep a record of distance travelled and the speed the car was driving at. In Russia and Canada it has been highly embraced by drivers due to its customer satisfaction as compared to other dash cams.

The camera is compatible with micro SD with a capacity of up to 64 Gb and allows for easy fixing and can also be easily removed.