The DOD LS460W Review

This is a small mobile camera unit designed to be fixed on the dashboard of a car. The DOD LS460W is very discreet and comes equipped with a variety of enhancements, including a Sony Exmor Sensor, Advanced WDR Super Night Vision, G-Sensor, GPS Logger and an F1.6 Aperture. It shoots at 1080P and 30 Frames-per-Second.

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dod Lsw640 review


The DOD LS460W is aimed to improve over previous versions already known for their high quality, such as the LS300W and the LS430W. The LS460W succeeds through small improvements in a number of critical areas. The most notable of these improvements is in the LS460W’s night vision capabilities. Alternatively, it has a mount for the installation of circular polarizing (or CPL) filters. These improve the quality of images captured in bright sunlight.

The LS460W is equipped with a GPS tracker located the bracket mount. The tracker, when activated, allows global positioning data to be updated regularly and recorded on your video image. The GPS data updates at 5 second intervals, resulting in extremely accurate recordings. This is linked to the LS460W next feature, an over-speed warning that you can set and adjust to your own specifications. Once a predetermined speed limit is set the camera will emit a specific sound if that speed limit is exceeded.

dod ls460w review

The camera has several different modes that it can record in. There is the normal, straight ahead view as well as a heads-up display (HUD) mode. This shows you additional, and beneficial, information such as speed and current direction. Time lapsed recording allows for some different speed settings. It can record at 10, 2, or 1 frames-per-second.

The DOD LS460W can be purchased easily online and is available to buy from either Amazon or Ebay.

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