Novatek B40 A118 Review

This is the Novatek B40 A118. It offers full HD 1080p recording with a wide angle of 170 degrees. This camera is a small wedge shape and once fitted is hard to spot, making it ideal to fit and forget about it.

It supports up to a 32gb micro sd card. Daytime recording is excellent for such a cheap camera; night time recording is average quality but still does the job. The quality is more than enough to read car number plates from a reasonable distance whilst moving.

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Inside the box:-
  • Instruction leaflet
  • Power adapter
  • Usb lead
  • Cable clips
  • A piece of string (used to detach sticky tape from windscreen.)
The lens can be adjusted easily so the horizon can be set. This dash cam doesn’t come with gps; the gps feature stamps the location and speed you were doing, however, having the speed stamped on your video evidence might let’s say… If you were 5 mph faster than you should have been doing, could go against you, so why have it.


The screen has 5 buttons below it, all close together and quite tricky to use. It comes with adhesive pads that stick the camera to the surface, and a plastic triangle cable cover to hide the wires, these pads are black which helps them to blend in behind the windscreen.



b40 a118 review




Because my car is small I didn’t need to use this. I secured the camera behind my rear view mirror making sure I left room for adjusting the mirror. Then I hid the power lead in my roof lining, using a credit card slid into the lining and pushing the cable in.
I pulled the side window pillar until there was enough room to push the wire into it, then hid the rest in the door seal and finally behind the glove box coming out at the centre console where I plugged it into the cigarette socket. It only took 20 minutes to fit.


The camera has a G sensor that is supposed to sense an accident and then automatically lock that section of video from being over written however you will find if you use this after a short while of driving over pot holes all your micro sd card will be full. I find its best turning this feature off.


Here is some daytime footage of the Novatek B40 A118 dashcam.