Chupad D501 Novatek Review

The use of dash cams in providing proof of what really happened during a collision with another vehicle has fast become one major reason why more motorists are equipping their vehicles with one.

This dashboard camera helps allay the fears some motorists have of sham insurance claims in the event of accidents and collisions by providing footage that can be admissible in court usually depending on the clarity of the footage.

Although there are numerous other reasons why you should buy your own dash cam, the summary of its purpose is that it protects your time, finances, memories and personal properties in different ways by providing a rock solid witness in any case.

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Chupad D501 camera


The CHUPAD D501 dashcam is a wedge shaped WiFi dashboard camera based on Novatek’s NT96658 chipset and Sony’s IMX 322 sensor.

The Chupad D501 WiFi hidden car DVR 1080P full HD is a great addition to your vehicle for lots of reasons and beyond video capture. The best features that make the Chupad D501 stand out include;

64GB Storage Capacity

Most dash cams start recording as soon as they come on. With the loop recording function of the Chupad D501, you do not need to manually erase hours of non-collision footage because the dash cams designed to overwrite existing recordings starting from the oldest when the memory is full.

The Chupad D501 can take a microSD card of up to 64GB storage.

However, since it records on a loop, storage is not a problem because it can record for a few minutes and then begin a new file all without a break.

With this camera, it supports microSD cards of the class 6 or higher for its fast write speed and your 64GB memory card will be enough for about 8 hours of footage.

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chupad d501 side

WiFi Capability

The Chupad D501 is a wedge shaped car DVR that comes with WiFi functionality.

This means that the camera allows you to view recordings from your smartphone or tablet.

This is useful because you will be able to view many details than if you watch on the videos on the small 2.45″ screen of the dash cams as compared to the very high-resolution screens of phones, tablets or even laptops.

This WiFi function means download video recording, share videos real time and you can connect your Android or iOS device via an app to watch live video feeds.


chupad d501 display

Other Features and Specifications

Despite its very small size 7.07 × 4.21 × 2.07 inches, it comes on and starts recording automatically, immediately your vehicle comes on. The video quality is great and it has a simple and effective menu. Other features include

Wide-angle range: This dashcam makes use of a wide angle of 170 degrees.

The wide-angle lens of 170 degrees helps to view and record more areas surrounding the car even if this would mean that images in the viewfinder would appear a bit smaller.

Processor: The NOVATEK NT96658 (built 1Gb DDRIII) is used in this very powerful dashcam.

Design: It fits perfectly on the window and with its design featuring an adjustable eyepiece; you can always choose which angle is best to record.

This car DVR also has a solid build quality with everything right where it’s supposed to be giving a great outlook and it’s low profile build means it is a stealthy dash cam.

Product program: This Chupad D501 dashcam is designed based on the Novatek NT96658, it comes with a 2.45″ inch screen and it makes use of the WIFI single 1080P FHD tachograph.

Lens: It is designed with six groups of all glass lens and infrared filters.

The infrared filters mean that the Chupad D501 can manipulate light within an image, meaning that night shots, low light footage and high contrast imagery are clearer during playback.

Video resolution: The Chupad D501 has a maximum video resolution of 1920 × 1080 and a video encoding format of H.264 encoding.

It stores videos in MOV format with about 200 million pixels, which means you can enjoy high quality HD video playback as much as possible.

Image Sensor: The sensor used in the Chupad D501 is the SONY IMX322 Professional 1 / 2.9 inches Exmor CMOS, meaning it can do much more than other dashcams in its range.

Impact sensor: It works with a trivial accelerometer that allows it automatically capture impact events and also trigger on the dashcam to start recording footage of events in any case of an impact when your car is turned off.

Recording: The Chupad D501 dashcam makes use of the loop recording mode which ensures that you do not lose any second.

However, since it supports TF cards of class 6 (maximum of 64GB) and above, it means you enjoy fast transfer of data when the need arises.

Connectivity: It makes use of an advanced WiFi 802.11b/g/n version, the app Lecenker Lotto customer for Android and iOS devices, Finalcam public version for its one key real-time sharing ability.

It also has a vehicle computer interconnect large touch-screen control.

Customer Reviews

A few customers who reviewed this product have pointed out that it doesn’t come with a hardware kit and hence can only be charged via the cigarette lighter.

This isn’t much of a problem as long as your cigarette lighter jack is working properly and if you do not want to go through the stress of having to hard wire your dashcam.

So overall, the Chupad D501 is still a good bargain despite not coming with an hardware kit.

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Chupad d501 review


Conclusively, the use and necessity of a car DVR can’t be overemphasized due to its numerous advantages and like every other product you need to buy, it’s always important to get it right when deciding on which dashcam to go for.

In this case, the Chupad D501 is an ideal choice.

Although the package contains just the Chupad D501 and a car charger, it works out of the box and it’s good value for money. All you need is to buy a microSD card, follow the user-friendly easy setup of the car DVR and you’re set.

Thanks for reading this Chupad D501 review. If you have any questions about any other dash cams, or would like to know more about this product then simply e-mail us and we will get back to you.

Or, check out our dash cam chart.