Best Dash Cam For The Money

Best Dashboard Camera For The Money

Dashboard cameras are basically independent witnesses to every journey of the vehicle that powers it, not necessarily in legal terms, but they provide a recorded version of the driver’s view of the road.

It records through the interior windscreen where it is attached by a suction cup or an adhesive tape mount, depending on the features of that particular brand of onboard cameras.

In some cases, they have been compared to the black box in airplanes because they still serve their purpose in the event of an accident. However, with the amount of fun people have with this device, it would be inappropriate to attribute it to that.

Dashcams were firstly used in police cars in the United States, and became adopted by civilians as it got more affordable.

With this cheaper pricing, different brands have emerged with more amazing features and high-tech specifications to make its use more reliable and adoptable.

Even movies have adopted its use with the advent of high-tech dashcams, which would not affect the quality of production, but instead enhance it, as there is a clearer view and less distraction for the actors.

Buying Guide for the Best Dashboard Cameras

As mentioned earlier, they have become more affordable, and their features have been upgraded ever since.

The most important features as well as the special features that make for the best dashcams are in the relationships between the price and the quality.

The price has to be affordable irrespective of the quality, and the quality must serve up to its cost.

Some of the major features to look out for include:

Design and Size:

No matter how cool the features of your dash cam are, an ugly device can be a distraction in your car, or even make matters worse on a bad day.

So, with all the cool features, it must have a sleek design and blend perfectly with your dashboard or car roof without looking like extra baggage.

In addition to a sleek design, all you need is the camera to capture your view in the best way possible. So, the other features should not take too much space that it looks ridiculously big.

Apart from being a distraction, it could actually be in the driver’s line of vision.


Manufacturers are not taking it easy with their gadgets; hence, there are so many cool features that come with different brands. However, the most important of them all include;

Front and Rear Coverage: Dashcams with the inclusion of a rear camera are easier to work with that the regular ones with only front camera, as you can comfortably choose between both views without having to touch the camera itself.

Camera Resolution: Normally, this would not be in question except you have budget issues to deal with.

It is obvious that the higher the resolution, the better. However, with a 1080P camera, you should be fine as they can capture plate numbers, quite clearly.

So, unless you’re a documentary artist, or you need more distinct details, getting a dashboard camera with a 1080P resolution is good value for your money.

Battery/Capacitor: Capacitors have been used on several occasions, but inbuilt batteries are not the best for cameras.

Dashcams need a steady 12volts power to work properly, and the internal batteries or capacitors don’t exactly have the ability to provide such power except for larger ones which would make the device heavier and affect the design on the dashcam.

They are better at providing backup power in case of accidents where it saves the file with the little power left internally even when the camera is damaged.

Batteries need constant charging and don’t do well with too much heat. The capacitor beats them in that category as they are not bothered by heat and the vehicle charges the device.

Storage Size: A major consideration for the memory card is the resolution of the camera.

The higher the resolution, the heavier the file to be stored. So, make sure that the camera is compatible with the kinds and size of memory cards you have.

32 to 64gb are good enough for regular resolutions up to 1080P, and 128gb for higher ones.

GPS and Speed Overlay: This works well for documentation and adds to the authenticity of the video.

It provides proof of the location any incident, with the speed overlay and GPS on display. However, it’s not very important to have that if you don’t have distinct purposes for purchasing the dashcam.

  • Other Awesome features to look out for include:

Parking mode:  The parking mode is a powersaver feature that starts recording as soon as the ignition of your car is turned on and stops when you stop the car.

However, it also records automatically when there is movement in front of the lens of the camera.

The best models with this feature have a pre-buffer that starts recording few seconds before the movement gets to the front of the camera lens.

Wide Dynamic Range or High Dynamic Range: This increases the quality of the footage and helps you get a clearer view even at night.



With all these amazing features, you must put your budget into consideration in relation to both the price of the camera and recurring payment options required in successfully running the camera. The most priced cameras are always perfect, but the best models have the most important features and come at an affordable price.


Rexing V1 2.4″ Dashboard Camera

This product has been selected with reference to the features and considerations explained above to give you the best value for your money.

The name, Rexing V1  Dashboard Camera with G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording pretty much sums the features up and gives good cause for investment.

The Rexing brand prides themselves based on the quality and care they provide by offering all of the standard dashcam features on the market. They have become trusted and well-patronized brand because of that.

Features of the Rexing V1 2.4″ Dashboard Camera – 200

The amazing features and benefits that have earned this model its credibility among users include the following.


The Rexing V1 dashboard camera has a 2.4 inch LCD screen (4:3 TFT) and offers a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 at a 170 degrees wide recording range.

It also has a wide dynamic range (WDR) technology for clearer vision even during the night with loop recording with automatic overriding feature. The G-sensor helps automatically detect accidents (with the pre-buffer in parking mode) and saves video file after impact for evidence or whatever reason you have planned for it.

It has a USB outlet with the car charger and supports, audio recording MOV and JPG file formats, power-off recovery, date and time mark as well as motion detection. It has a discreet design with Multilanguage support, which makes it easier to use for folks in different countries.

Easy Installation:

As sophisticated as these features seem, it does not take a genius to install. With the 3m adhesive mount; you should be all good in about 30 to 45 minutes if you put the user manual into good use.

Working Condition:

If you’ve had a dashcam for a long while, you would agree that the temperature is a major issue.

The Rexing V1 has a storage temperature range of -5 to 160degrees Fahrenheit and an operating temperature range of 10 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. A basic recommendation is to remove the dashcam from the windshield when parking directly under the sun to keep the product in top shape.

Users have complained that the plastic begins to melt if it stays too long under the dissuaded conditions.


The pricing depends on the platform of purchase, but is generally priced below $150. However, even at this cheap rate, its features have been compared to the likes of the Mini 0806 and others in this category thereby assuring you that you will get good value for your money.



Some users have complained about the stress of dismounting it when parked in extremely hot conditions, which do not favor the operation of this tech.

If you are in a hurry before getting in to your car, you might not have enough time to re-mount. So, it’s best to find a favorable parking spot or find other means to reduce the temperature penetration through your windshield while parked.

There have also been complains about the sound it makes occasionally while recording. It not very loud, but it’s noticeable.

However, experts have found that this only happens if the dashcam is plugged into the splitter and not directly into the cigarette lighter.



No matter how discouraging the cons seem, this very good camera does justice to its cost. If you are willing to put up with the few cons, you should be satisfied with its operation. Whereas, most of other products have these cons, so it’s not a distinct disadvantage.

Most importantly, obey the dashcam rules to keep its usage legal and keep yourself out of trouble.

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