Viofo A119 Dashboard Camera Review

Dashcams, like the Viofo A119, are useful if you are involved in an accident, encounter insurance fraud scammers or bad and reckless drivers, or find your car was damaged while it was unattended.

However, you can use dashcams to improve the skills of drivers in your household, especially teenagers. You will also have proof, to share with friends or on YouTube, of any unexpected events that you encounter on the road. Even better, you can deliberately become a videographer and create videos of your road trips to again share with friends and on YouTube.
viofo a119 review
The Viofo A119 produces great quality videos and is reasonably priced. So, check out the features of the Viofo A119 to see how it will protect you, your family, and your car, and at the same time, create some fun memories.

Important features to consider when buying a dash cam are video quality, storage capacity, and night vision.

For video quality, look for a camera with at least 1080 pixels and a speed of at least 30 frames per second. The optimal setting for the Viofo A119 is 2560 pixels x 1440 pixels at 30 frames per second, but it also offers 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels at 30 or 60 frames per second of high-definition video and audio recording.
For storage capacity, using a 32 gigabyte SD card provides eight to ten hours of high-definition video recording. The Viofo A119 can use up to a 64 gigabyte SD card, and if the card is full, it will overwrite previously recorded video.
So, you do not have to worry about an incident not being recorded. However, it will not overwrite any video recorded due to the activation of the G-sensor or the emergency button.
For night vision, the Viofo A119 uses the OV4689 sensor for great low-light sensitivity. The Viofo A119 has other features that make it a dashcam worth buying.

Compact, Wedge-shaped Design

The Viofo A119 has a compact, wedge-shaped design that makes it less visible from the outside of your car. It mounts on the windshield but does not draw attention, making it less likely to be a target of break-ins and thieves.

Powered by a Capacitor

Instead of a battery, the Viofo A119 uses a capacitor which will last longer. Capacitors will also tolerate the heat buildup in a car’s interior better than a battery. This eliminates explosions, overheating, and lost files.

Features and Specifications

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  • F1.8 160° wide view-angle rotatable lens for full windshield-view videos
  • 2″ LCD Screen
  • Novatek NT96660 processor chipset and OV4689 image sensor
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Records in MP 4 format
  • Date Stamp
  • G-Sensor and motion detection capabilities for activating video recording when car is parked
  • Optional GPS Logger Support provides location history
  • Optional circular polarizer/linear analyzer filter to reduce reflections and glare


viofo a119 dashboard camera review



Customer Reviews and Scores

A Viofo A119 on Amazon received six reviews averaging 4.4 stars. One customer mentioned they were hearing the audio but were having trouble getting the video to display. This is a known problem, and there is a software update here.

The Viofo A119 has so many features, including good video quality even at night, an F1.8 160° wide view-angle rotatable lens, a capacitator instead of a battery, an anti-theft design, a CPL filter, an overwriting and anti-overwriting feature, and a G-sensor and motion detector video recording activation feature. Getting all this with the reasonably priced Viofo A119 makes it the dashcam to buy.

Thanks for reading this Viofo A119 review. If you have any questions about any other dash cams or would like to know more about this product then simply e-mail us and we will get back to you.

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